My Favorite Tattoo Designs

Fishing Tattoos Through History

The fish tattoos have various meanings as they have a special place in astrology. In the ancient times, fish had a symbol in the Christian life.

Many of the nations believed that there was a strong connection between fish and water because they needed it to survive.

In the Eastern culture, fish were a symbol of physical fertility and ardent nature. The Egyptian and Greek cultures had the different meaning of fish which were controversial.

Among the Greece, the fish was an embodiment of love while among the Egyptians fishes symbolized evil intentions.

Among the Indians, two fishes represented loving couple and in Japan fearless and brave people.

Many of the African communities believed that most of the dead warriors turned into fishes and swam in the underworld.

The fish tattoos include shark, dolphin images, trout, and carp. The major symbolism for the car tattoo is luck. However, in Japan, the carp tattoo is worn by a person with a great willpower.

Sharks represent determination and perseverance. The trout patterns served as symbols of spiritual inspiration and abundance.

The tattoos were mostly worn by the energetic people. The last fish tattoo is the dolphin which represents bravery, and kindness. People who love the dolphin tattoos have an amiable and dedicated personality.

Guitar Tattoos With Meanings

The guitar is a symbol of music and a popular image for most musicians mostly those who play it. The history of the guitar dates back three thousand years ago.

The sound of a guitar is piercing, melodic and haunting depending on the skill of the guitarist. There are two types of guitars it can either be acoustic or electric depending on the intended use.

Guitar images are a representation of the incredible passion for music.

Acoustic guitar is mostly associated with country and folk music which has a non-electric sound.

On the other hand, the electric guitar is associated with metal and rock music and anything that has a hard or aggressive tone.

The Spanish and classical guitars were used in classical music which dates back one hundred years ago.

The image of a guitar can portray affiliation with Italian, French, and Spanish music from romantic, classical, and baroque periods.

Depending on the style of the guitar that is tattooed the image translates to the wearer’s dedication to music which is created by the strings.

Regardless of the kind of guitar tattooed, it will always be a representation of the love for music.