Do You Like Cartoon Tattoos? If Yes, This Is a Must Read

Graffiti tattoo on leg

Graffiti means scribbling or drawing a flat service. Originally, they refer to the marks which were found on the Roman architecture.

Most of the people who have the graffiti tattoos have a desire for recognition according to historical records.

Additionally, people who wear the tattoos show that they need private space. The graffiti tattoos range from the simple marks to colorful compositions.

Over the years, the graffiti tattoos have been considered as an awesome look for every person. This is because they can be used to express personal style.

That is why most of the tattoo artists have specialized in this area because a person can come up with their style of art.

Graffiti tattoos

The cool graffiti feature bubble shapes or spray paint like letters. The colorful include the informal designs such as Kenny Scharf, Lady pink, and Banksy.

The graffiti tattoos require an artist who is skillful and has an expert eye. The graffiti tattoo art is modern and it is a representation of radical contemporary art design.

It is a mimic of the street art that found all over the streets. One can see incredible art on the walls, streets, vehicles, and sidewalks and they decide that it is going to the style for their skin.

This type of graffiti tattoo is referred to as the street art. The other include 3D text graffiti and demon among others.

Batman Tattoos

batman tattoo design

The batman tattoo is ranked as one of the best animal tattoo. During the ancient times, bats were associates with Diana who was a virgin goddess. Among the Greeks, the bat was a symbol of motherhood, sex, and fertility.

In Christian art, demons had bat wings. The falling angels had the bat wings according to Christian history. Among the Native American, the bats were a symbol of rebirth and death.

The Chinese saw bats as a symbol of good fortune, happiness and luck. The bat tattoos had different meaning according to a person’s culture.

It could either be negative or positive. Many people believed that bats drunk people’s blood which was a myth. The only fact is bat is a mammal which can fly.

Bat tattoos can be found in different gothic tattoos and have symbols of much larger designs. For instance, the bat tattoos can be found in symbols such as demons, grim reapers, skulls, and falling angels.

That is why they are mostly used as symbols during Halloween. People will choose to have the bat tattoos because of various reasons.

Some of people will choose the bat tattoo because they feel that it has similar features with their personalities. Bat tattoos can have detailed features with realistic designs.